Frequently Asked Questions


What is my photography "why"?

I have always had the drive to do something creative in life. I have never been good at drawing and painting, so I decided to pick up a camera. I immediately fell in love with it. I finally felt good at something.

Some parts of my life have not been the brightest; I always looked at photography as a light in my life. Going to photoshoots and editing pictures makes me happy. I constantly find myself looking back at old pictures of my friends and I, so I wanted to be that person to capture the special & intimate moments of life.

I included the line "capturing the raw & candid moments" on my homepage because that is what I aspire to do. I want to live in the moment but also be able to remember those special moments!

How do I book a session?

Booking a session is actually very easy!!

First, I ask that you head to my contact page and fill out the contact form with all of the information I ask for. I will then contact you back by email to start the booking process.

I will have you fill out a contract and pay a non-refundable booking retainer.

Finally, we will have the shoot! The second half of the payment will be due on the day of the session.

How long does it take to get a gallery back?

I do my best to get a preview gallery to you within a week of the session. The final gallery may take up to 3 weeks, I try to make it earlier, but I am a full-time student on top of working another job, so my life is a little hectic sometimes.

What is my favorite thing about being a photographer?

My favorite thing about being a photographer is capturing the special moments in life.

I love being able to go back and look at pictures of my friends and I when we were younger, so I want to be the person to give you those special moments to look back on.

How long have I been doing photography?

I have been doing photography since I was 12, so roughly eight years! It has not always been portrait or couples photography. I actually started with taking pictures of random flowers on my street. Then I moved into portrait and sports photography when I was a lead photographer for my high school's yearbook.
I did however create Olivia Jameson Photo's Instagram back in 2017, so just about four years!

Can you help pick our outfits?

UM.. YES ABSOLUTELY! Over the past few months I have been creating Pinterest boards with outfit ideas. I can also send you my Outfit Guide for suggestions on how to dress to best fit my editing style! :)

How far are you willing to travel?

Currently, I am willing to travel around New England. Any mileage over 30 miles roundtrip will be covered by the client at a rate of $0.50 per mile.

Do I own the photos after gallery delivery?

You have full access to share any of the photos on social media platforms or make prints, however, I do own the copyright to the images.